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Emuloader 1.0 Released

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Emuloader is now available on GitHub! Introduction: It’s done. No more megathread, no more looks through mega or clicking through adfly links or trying to find the right download button or sifting through malware infested websites. No more download limits, speed caps, broken roms, password… Read More »Emuloader 1.0 Released

Emuloader in 30 Seconds

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Don’t want to sit through the reveal film or read a wall of text? Our new trailer showcases what Emuloader can do in just (a bit over) 30 seconds: Watch it here in 4K

Emuloader 1 Release

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Six months in development, and Emuloader 1 is here. With an array of new quality of life improvements and features found in no other emulation frontend or cloud manager Emuloader will function as the single point of user interaction, powered by the combined web platform.… Read More »Emuloader 1 Release